Cardsys Ltd. introduces MP Infosys, the worldwide used software package for serving Modern Pentathlon Games since 1999.
We manage data and processes of competitions on site with the software that is used from the Russian Federation to Brasil with great satisfactory.
We offer you our continously developed product and our precise services.

MP Infosys

We offer the Modern Pentathlon Information System (MP INFOSYS) software package, which was developed to support the modern pentathlon competitions.
MP INFOSYS is a modular software package to record, handle and display all the data during pentathlon competitions strictly following the rules fixed by UIPM. 5TUSA provides quick and precise data management with wide-ranging possibility for setting parameters, while 5INFO, 5NEWS, 5TABL and 5VIDEO are essential support for displaying actual results.


Related to the MP INFOSYS software package we offer our computer technical service on modern pentathlon competitions.
The service contains the using of the whole package with the full functionality during the competitions and all the activities of competition (including the Jumping Test and the Technical Meeting as well) connected to our Modern Pentathlon Information System (MP INFOSYS) program package, such as data entry, data processing, evaluating, master copy printing of all type of list, etc.


More than 120 competitions all over the world since 1999.